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TogoWS API documentation

TogoWS provides uniformed REST API for accessing major bioinformatics data resources and data formats.

REST API conventions

TogoWS REST API currently supports following functionalities. Many of those features can be easily tried out at the top page.


Entry retrieval REST API can be used to obtain database entries, extract a field content and convert the data format.


Database search REST API can be used to obtain a list of entry identifiers or a number of results by a keyword search.


Data format conversion REST API can be used to convert file formats.

External API

External API provides REST API for accessing non-Web service based external data sources. TogoWS currently supports UCSC databases.


UCSC API internally uses the Ruby UCSC API library which directly accesses to the public MySQL database provided by the UCSC. Although UCSC uses 0-based coordinates, biological 1-based positions are accepted and commas are omitted in the UCSC REST API.


TogoWS web site has an alias at where the original version of this service had launched in 2008.